Ventuz Kinect Interface


This implementations of the Ventuz Kinect Interface is for the Microsoft Kinect depth sensor.  You can control your Ventuz presentation with your body, gestures, hands and feet.

With this implementation you can control presentations with gestures like: Swipes- left, right, up, down, Wipes with our hands, kicks with our feed and many others. Our Kinect interface can track up to 5 peoples at the same time and gives you a the raw skeleton data for each person. This data is the exact position from each main joint of your arms, legs and head. This makes it very easy to implement a huge variety of applications with Ventuz and the Kinect Camera.


  • Simultaneous Tracking of up to 5 persons
  • Gesture control
  • Precise Tracking
  • Precise Feedback  from every main Joint
  • Up to 5 meter distance
  • Huge area of recognition
  • PowerPoint control


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This additional hardware you need for the Ventuz Kinect Interface:

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ventuz kinect interfacekinect_computer_adapter_a


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