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OptiTUIO is a multi touch laser software solution, which can be used with any common industrial rotation laser scanners from Leuze, Hokuyo or Sick.

This powerful software and/or device gives you the ability to change any flat surface into a multi touch screen.  You can use it instead of a infrared touch frame. We sell the software separately and we also have a complete bundle including a laser device. Feel free to contact us for more details and prices.


  • Very easy setup
  • Unlimited touch points
  • Multi User interaction (TUIO)
  • Add On Features: Powerpoint Control
  • TUIO output
  • Windows Touch support
  • Windows Mouse control
  • Multiple Outputs simultaneously
  • Very precise touch algorithms
  • Online license for free testing with the multi touch laser
  • Support for many laser sensors
  • Cross Platform, runs on: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Compatible with any TUIO Application like: Ventuz, VizRT, Touch Designer, Ableton Live, …

multi touch laser


• Simplicity

The multi touch laser was made very simple to install and calibrate the laser device. You can see what you are doing and the effect it has in realtime, so there is no need for time consuming switching between calibration and testing as in other solutions. We have translated the software into German and simplified Chinese to make it easier for speakers of these languages and we will be translating the software into other languages as well.


• Vendor independence

Our software works with lasers from multiple vendors and can be easily extended to support more vendor’s devices. This gives you flexibility in choosing the device that fits best for your use case and/or budget. Depending on which laser you choose you can get up to 40m detection radius.


• Multiple devices and outputs

One feature of the software is that it is able to handle multiple devices with minimal impact on the required processing power. Each of theses devices outputs can be sent to one or many different outputs, giving you full flexibility in how to distribute them. You can also define multiple outputs to send the data of one device to many target machines.This is useful for cluster operation, for example.


• SIMD processing

We used state of the art SIMD processing to make the required processing power as low as possible. This means that the software will make use of advanced processor instructions whenever it can, making the processor perform more work in the same time. Other software running on the same machine should feel minimal impact in throughput and responsiveness, making the software work easily on the same machine as for example, your realtime 3D presentation.


• Unlimited touch points

We do not put any artificial limit on the number of simultaneous touch points,  so you can track as many as you want. The upper limit is a result of the angular resolution of the laser and the minimal object size that you set to detect.


• Many output methods

Right now the software supports output to TUIO compatible devices over the network and to simulate Windows mouse and/or touch input to control a local Windows application. We also provide a separate application to perform gesture detection to control PowerPoint using swipes for example. In the future we plan to make more output methods like OSC. Contact us if you need anything specific.


• Highly optimized detection algorithms

We spent a long time building and analyzing statistics for the accuracy of the devices to optimize our filters to get the most accurate tracking possible. For each device we acquired millions of data points to get an accurate statistical analysis. This is why we are able to get a fully stable input without any jitter in the measurement. We took alot of care to keep the impact on latency minimal and you can tune the filter parameters yourself to get a different trade off between smoothness and latency.



Comparison of devices by software:

Name and Software OptiTUIO















Radar Eye



Laser Brand Hokuyo Hokuyo Sick Sick Leuze Hokuyo
Laser Model UST-10LX UST-20LX LMS1xx LMS5xx ROD4 plus URG-04LX
Accuracy ±30mm ±30mm ±25mm ±25mm N.A. ±30mm
Measuring area 270° 270° 270° 190° 190° 240°
Angular resolution 0.25° 0.25° 0.25° / 0.5° 0.166° – 1° 0.36° 0.36°
Refresh rate 40Hz 40Hz 25Hz / 50Hz 25 – 100Hz 25Hz / 50Hz 10Hz
Detection distance 10m 20m 20m 30m 15m 3 x 4m
Connection Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet USB
Outdoor No No Yes Yes Yes No
Multi Echo / Filter No No Yes Yes Yes No
Max. ambient illuminance 15000lx 15000lx 40000lx 70000lx Sunlight 10000lx
Enclosure rating IP65 IP65 IP65 – IP67 IP65 – IP67 IP65 None
Application areas Small to medium interactive walls

Detection of persons or objects on the floor

Very precise gesture recognition


Small to huge interactive walls

Detection of persons or objects on the floor

Very precise gesture recognition

Small to huge interactive walls

Detection of persons or objects on the floor


Small to huge interactive walls

Detection of persons or objects on the floor


Small to huge interactive walls

Detection of persons or objects on the floor


Very small touchscreens and walls.





Supported Operating Systems:

• Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (64-bit only) or newer

• Windows XP SP3 or newer

• Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin or newer

• Debian 7 Wheezy or newer


Minimum Hardware:

• A recent x86 or x86-64 CPU supporting SSSE3

– Intel starting from Core 2 and Atom

– AMD starting from Bobcat APU

– VIA starting from Nano

• At least 100 MiB of free HDD space

• At least 256 MiB of free RAM

• For the calibration software an OpenGL compatible graphics card is required


Markets and Applications

  • Interactive LED Walls
  • Digital Signage
  • Showrooms
  • Trade Shows
  • Auto Shows
  • Visitor Centers
  • Experience Centers
  • Information Systems
  • TV-Studios
  • Control Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Video Conferencing
  • Ventuz 4 / Ventuz 5
  • VizRT
  • Ableton Live x
  • Touch Designer
  • Windows 7, 8 , 10
  • Power Point


Visit our forum to get to the FAQ’s for OptiTUIO.




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