A-techPW-DT200 – Transmit HDMI over Fiber cable

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The PW-DT200 is a perfect solution for transmitting HDMI audio and video through the fiber cable, this set includes a sender of PW-DT200T and a receiver of PW-DT200R. Our products transmit the HD video over optical fiber, which keeps the image quality as well as the transmission more stable. At the same time, the product has the built-in IR remote control function.



  • HDMI 1.3/HDCP1.1 & 1.2
  • Both Optic-fiber transmission and Ethernet Transmission
  • Support point-to-point mode, one point-to-many mode and cascaded transmission mode.
  • Pure hardware design, just plug and play, no need to install extra software.
  • Built-in IR remote control function, you can control the set-top box at the receiving site using the IR remote control


Video Resolution Support: 640X480 @ 60fps 800X600 @ 60fps, 1024X600 @ 60fps 1024X768 @ 60fps, 1152X864 @ 60fps 1280X600 @ 60fps, 1280X720@ 60fps 1280X768@ 60fps, 1280X800@ 60fps 1280X960@ 60fps, 1280X1024@ 60fps 1440X1050@ 60fps, 1440×900 @ 60fps 1600×900 @ 60fps, 1660×1200 @ 60fps 1680×1050 @ 60fps, 1920×1080 @ 60fps
Sound: Sampling Rate:32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz
IR Support: 38KHz; NEC code
HDMI version: HDMI 1.3
HDCP Version: HDCP 1.2


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