We are Experts for Computer Hardware…

As we all know, it is sometimes very difficult to find the right computer hardware in one place. We are experts for High End interactive 3D presentations. In this shop you can find anything you need to make a professional production. We have hardware for Virtual Reality, 3D realtime presentations, Virtual studios, camera tracking and much more. We have a lot of hardware you can use in combination with the Realtime software Ventuz or Powerpoint.

To make it more clear: In this computer hardware shop you will find excellent hardware to realize interactive realtime projects with Ventuz, PowerPoint or other realtime engines. Of course, the machines we sell, are also great gaming computers. The touchscreens are excellent for any other touch application as well. It does not matter if you want to show a high end PowerPoint presentation or any other Interactive presentation.

computer hardware, virtual reality AMD-FirePro-W9100 vt207_5

Fact is, there is a huge demand from our customers at Interactive Asia to have a place where they can find prices and the hardware they need for the installations. In this hardware shop we want to share our know how from the past ten years in the interactive presentation and broadcast market. We will share that know how with hardware reviews, case studies and examples made by us – mostly Ventuz applications.


Computer Hardware for the future…

Since the CPU’s and GPU’s have enough power to render complexe 3D models and graphics in realtime, there is also a huge change in the presentation area. Peoples are looking for PowerPoint alternatives and new ways to interact with the presentation, to catch the audience attention.

We will continuously extend this shop with the newest state of the art products and additionally bring you more closer to the new market of high end Interactive 3D presentations. We will show you alternatives to PowerPoint, alternatives for big data visualization and other state of the art presentation techniques.

But let me come back to the real topic here. Where we are right now and where will we go in the future? Everybody knows that there is PowerPoint out there and many other similar Software’s like: Prezi, GoAnimate, Google Docs and many others. Each software have their pros and cons. We at Interactive Asia are experts for interactive presentations and computer hardware. The magic in this three words are the realtime factor. Everything what we develop is rendered in realtime, 60 times per second including interaction, special effects, complexe 3D models and shader effects. At the same time we are using a professional realtime render engine – Ventuz. This engine allows us to create non linear presentations for your audience. Ventuz has also a very flexible and open API to connect nearly any device to the engine.

Here comes the point, Real-time rendering is one of the interactive areas of computer graphics, it means creating synthetic images and content fast enough on the computer that the viewer can interact with a virtual environment. The most common place to find real-time rendering is in video games. But since more then ten years this technology also spread widely over the interactive presentation market. Realtime Rendering is also the most important part for Virtual Reality.


Another important part is how the user can interact with this presentation or qith his Virtual Reality environement. Since many years big company’s try to find new ways to interact with machines. Everybody know the keyboard and the mouse. For sure, a very handy way to interact with your personal computer to handle your daily digital tasks. But if we talk about presentations for a huge audience on a huge stage, we want to have something more WOW. We want that the audience is impressed of the new ways the host interacts with the presentation.

Let me show you some examples whats possible today already in our Blog